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I have attached a pdf with a gofundme poster and the telegram article attached. Thanks so much for the everyones support and willingness to share our story.

Go Fund Me Flyer w: Telegram Article


Satruday May 2nd, 2015

Delores and I ventured out into Scottdale’s today to get groceries.  Delores drove the two of us to a couple grocery stores to find some food for the week. Delorse was a great help today and was able to put together a wonderful evening meal.   Later in the evening we got a facetime call from the kidos.  Marsae (5) and Azlynn (4) were calling from their Aunt Katy and Uncle Logan’s house.  Who doesn’t love a sleep over?  It was great to see their faces and hear their voices.  The girls shared with Caitlyn and I, every single thing from their day and they loved to be specific; “First we woke up.” “Oh wait, we always wake up first.”  They had to show us their new Glowing Mickey Mouse looking head bands that Grandma Hanneman sent them!  “Thanks Granny Hanny!”  By that time it was pretty late, so we blow kisses and said our good nights. Every day there are ups and downs ever day but the key is finding those ups and grabbing onto the good moments and cherishing them. I am thankful that today to have so many wonderful charing people in my life.

May Day

Quick update for this beautiful May Day.  Caitlyn’s mom Delores has arrived in Phoenix.  We are so grateful to the many people who have reached out to support us and make this all possible.  Last week the Garden City Telegram ran an article covering our year long battle to get a diagnosis for Caitlyn. We were very pleased with the article and the response has been great.  I posted a blog post that talked brief about Caitlyn’s Diagnosis. We have a long road ahead of us with many unknowns but the love and compassion of friends, family and strangers keeps us going! The month of may is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.  If you have some free time this weekend, watch the documentary “Under Our Skin.”
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Chronic Lyme Disease and the road ahead…

I wanted to thank the many people who have shared and donated to support us during our current struggles with Caitlyn’s health.  The experiences through the past months and weeks have been encouraging yet terrifying.  The many comments, messages and cards of support have been a great fuel to help push us forward.  Over the last few weeks, with the help of multiple doctors and our patient care coordinator, we have a very specific treatment protocol that is planned to go through the end of June.  We have create an hour by hour schedule for every day of the week including antibiotic treatments, naturopathic treatments, detox treatments, supplements and appointments. This is an aggressive treatment protocol that causes bacteria die off which can cause reactions and symptom flare ups.
In Caitlyn’s particular case, she has been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease with signs and symptoms of neurological manifestations of Chronic Lyme.  This chronic illness has been the center of much controversy since discovered in 1977 in Lyme, Connecticut.  The key controversial issues are inaccurate testing, unmanageable symptoms, mimics other diseases, lack of specialists and ineffective standard treatment.
Thanks for following our story and keep a look out for more updates in the coming future.  Thanks again for all your support.

Merry Christmas 2014

Hello –

In the middle of December I sent a brief update on medical issues that has affected the Hanneman family. After months of attempting to treat Caitlyn’s symptoms with no positive affect. We were referred to a gastroenterologist in mid December. The consult went well and the doctor ordered a few tests that weren’t previously ordered. These tests were scheduled for the week of Christmas. I was able to get off work for the week and brought the kids up to Kansas City for the week of Christmas. We have stayed with Caitlyn’s sister in Kansas City and have been able to spend time with family between hospital visits.

We did get back some results from one of the tests. The results of the test prompted our specialist to refer us an Endocrinologist. We are hoping for a quick appointment and follow-up after this week’s tests.

We thank all of friends and family who have reached out to help us. The support and love you have shown us is truly inspirational.

From The Hanneman’s
Shelby, Caitlyn, Marsae and Azlynn. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year